Families and friends are at the heart of Camp Tuolumne. Since the beginning, Camp has been a place for families to build memories and lifelong friendships to be made. Whether you held your annual family reunion at Camp, camped with the same families for 15 years or worked on staff together; the bonds that are built at Camp Tuolumne last a lifetime.

What better way to give to the Rebuilding CAMPaign than with a gift from your entire Camp family?


Making a group or family contribution is easy. Start by talking to your family members, friends or former staff today about making a gift together. Ask them to pledge a gift over multiple years to make an even bigger impact. Then, email Marcie Holmes ( and let us what your plans are and how you want your group to be recognized. Whoever contacts us will be considered the main contact if we have any questions.

For tax purposes, every individual within the group or family shall make their own donation to FOBTC. Simply make your donation online, send a check or fill out a pledge form. In the recognition section, write in the family or group name.

Want more information? Contact us:

Scott Gelfand:

Marcie Holmes: