Third Bell Campaign Begins! - Friends of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp Third Bell Campaign Begins! - Friends of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp

The Third Bell CAMPaign to return to the Camp we love

We’re finally here – we can almost hear the Third Bell! The rebuilding of our beloved Berkeley Tuolumne Family Camp broke ground in May 2020! Click here to view the drawings of new Camp Tuolumne. Read about the latest from the City of Berkeley here. In the seven years since the fire, campers and FOBTC tirelessly advocated and organized to bring Camp back, and now it’s happening!

The $57 million dollar reconstruction project is funded by Insurance, FEMA and the City of Berkeley, and covers as-was replacement of all previous infrastructure plus code requirements. Our passionate campers lovingly contributed over $1,000,000 to the Rebuilding CAMPaign for critical features that were not covered by the project’s budget, like shade structures to keep us cool in the Green Chair Circle and Kiddie Camp, and mature trees planted in and around Camp.

When Camp reopens in 2022, we’ll have shade over main camp, a beautiful new Dining Hall overlooking the river, Rec Hall, basketball court, Kiddie Camp, stone showers, cabins scattered up the eastern slope—Camp will look new, but it’ll be Camp again!

But we know our work isn’t done unless Camp also feels like Camp again. We need to make sure the physical space comes alive with the traditions, spirit, and joy that is Camp Tuolumne. Our Third Bell CAMPaign is raising the support to make this vision a reality. The Friends have mapped out a strategic plan that will:

    1. Steward nature at Camp to provide beauty, shade, and safety. The fire drastically changed the landscape in and around Camp. We need to plant 10,000 more trees and revegetate 7 acres of riparian habitat, restore the trails around Camp, provide year-round caretaking to nurture our seedlings, and create a summer Nature Center to provide enriching environmental education to campers of all ages.
    2. Re-establish Camp traditions and support staff training, so that all campers feel like they’ve returned to the camp they love, with the songs, activities, art, and traditions they remember.
    3. Support inclusion and diversity of staff and campers, to reflect the values of the BTC community.
    4. Continue to support the rebuild with essential funds, advice, and partnerships with City, state, and federal agencies to enhance the camper experience.

Why give? For generations, Camp Tuolumne has ignited us all with the Camp Spirit. Since 1922, Camp has been a place for families to reunite, friendships made, and communities built. It’s a place everyone can connect with nature, explore and be their best self. Since the Rim Fire in 2013 destroyed our Camp, Camp needs us. Now is our time to honor this place and ensure that future generations can receive these same gifts we did.

Join your fellow campers, former staff and Tuolumne community with a gift to reopen and strengthen Camp Tuolumne for the next 100 years and beyond.


We are aiming for 100 percent participation from every camper and former staff member!

We want to give everyone who loves Camp a chance to be part of this unique time to re-establish Camp. All ages, all walks of life, any amount helps—what matters most is that our whole community joins together and pitches in to open the camp we love, as we remember it, in 2022!

This Third Bell CAMPaign is a great way to teach your kids they can make meaningful change in the world by supporting the causes they care about. It’s a way to join with friends to make a lasting contribution to a place you care about. There are so many ways to give! When Camp reopens in 2022, we want to be able to say we all—every one of us—truly did it together!

Make a donation today!

Your donations to the Third Bell Campaign will support FOBTC’s reopening and rebuilding efforts at Camp Tuolumne.

The Friends of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your donations are tax deductible. Our federal tax ID is 94-2976224.


Thank you to campers, former staff and the entire Tuolumne community for your contributions to the Rebuilding CAMPaign. Click here for our donor list. We’ll also be adding all donations to our new Third Bell CAMPaign as well.

CAMPaign donors will also be recognized at Camp:

  • Stewardship donors ($1,000+) will be named on leaf plaques that make up a beautiful donor tree mounted in the Dining Hall
  • Green Chair Circle donors ($10,000+) will be named on a plaque on a Green Chair
  • Leadership donors ($25,000+) will be named on a large plaque near the fireplace or the donor’s favorite place in Camp upon approval

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