It’s time – The Third Bell CAMPaign begins!

We’re finally here! The rebuilding of our beloved Berkeley Tuolumne Family Camp begins in May 2020. Click here to view the drawings of new Camp Tuolumne. Read about the latest from the City of Berkeley here.

This $60 million dollar project will be funded by Insurance, FEMA and the City of Berkeley. It covers as-was replacement of all previous infrastructure plus code requirements. That means a beautiful new Dining Hall overlooking the river, Rec Hall, basketball court, Kiddie Camp, stone showers, cabin scattered up the eastern slope—Camp will look like Camp again!

However, the fire has drastically changed the landscape in and around Camp – we lost more than 8,000 trees! Without a forest, we will need to build shade structures and plant mature trees to keep us cool in the Green Chair Circle. The trails around Camp need to be rebuilt. The banks of our Lower Fork Tuolumne River and Thimbleberry Creek need to be revegetated with dogwood and native plants. These critical features, however, will not be covered by the project’s budget.

Why give? For generations, Camp Tuolumne has ignited us all with the Camp Spirit.

Camp Tuolumne is a place of rejuvenation, community and spirit:

  • Families leave feeling stronger and more committed to one another
  • Young adults find role models, mentorship and valuable work experience
  • Diverse, multi-generational communities are created
  • Campers connect with nature, friends and their best selves

Join your fellow campers, former staff and Tuolumne community with a gift to rebuild and strengthen Camp Tuolumne for the next 100 years and beyond!


  • “Rebuilding CAMPaign” raised over $1,000,000 in donations and pledges thus far for rebuilding, trees, and building shade structures – things that will not be covered by FEMA or insurance funds
  • The City of Berkeley has approved a construction bid and rebuilding begins in May 2020
  • Dining Hall will be rebuilt overlooking the river
  • Over 10,000 trees already planted in the area
  • The City of Berkeley has recognized FOBTC, without whom Camp may not have been rebuilt
  • The “Spirit of Tuolumne” is alive and well and our camper and staff community is united and involved.


The Third Bell CAMPaign

Staff Mentoring, Inclusion & Diversity, Traditions, Nature Stewardship, Rebuilding

Our camp community is ecstatic that we will have our beloved BTC back!  Yet, there is still much work to do to ensure Camp is comfortable, shady with mature trees, shade structures, filled with extensive vegetation, and ready for campers by opening day. Perhaps even more importantly, our mission will not be fulfilled unless the physical space comes alive with the traditions, spirit, and joy that is Camp Tuolumne.

The Friends have mapped out a three year strategic plan that will:

  1. Support diversity of staff and campers to reflect the demographics of Berkeley youth and the progressive and inclusive values of the BTC community;
  2. Re-establish Camp traditions and spirit, so that all campers feel like they’ve returned to the camp they love; with the songs, activities, art and traditions they remember.
  3. Continue to support the rebuild with essential funds, advice, and partnership with City, County, State, and Federal agencies; and continue to enhance the camper experience as needed.
  4. Steward nature at Camp to provide beauty, shade, and safety. Tree planting, revegetation and year-round caretaking of the area. Plant 10,000 seedling and mature trees, revegetate 7 acres of riparian habitat along the river and Thimbleberry Creek. A summer nature center will provide enriching environmental education to campers of all ages to deepen appreciation for Camp and the environment in general.




Artistic rendering of the future Green Chair Circle


  • Send a check
  • Give online:
  • Pledge a multi-year gift & make a bigger impact
  • Make a family or group gift
  • Make a gift of stock
  • Include FOBTC in your estate plans
  • Giving in honor or memory of a loved one
  • Make a matching gift with your employer


All donors will be recognized on our website, in print and/or at Camp

  • Stewardship donors ($1,000-$9,999) will be named on a donor tree in the Dining Hall
  • Green Chair Circle donors ($10,000-$24,999) will be named on a green chair
  • Leadership donors ($25,000+) will be named on a plaque at the fireplace or their favorite place at Camp (upon approval)