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  • The Camp

Berkeley Tuolumne Family Camp is a 14.5-acre camp located on the South Fork of the Tuolumne River near the West entrance of Yosemite National Park.

The Camp Experience

The staff provides social, nature, and athletic programs for all ages, including hiking, nature studies, and multi-cultural crafts.
The Artist-in-Residence program features a different professional artist each week teaching classes such as ceramics, drawing or performing arts.

  • Supervised recreational programs all day
  • A “Kiddie Camp” for children ages 2-6 is held 3 times daily
  • Special children’s activities for ages 5-12 occur daily
  • Explore beautiful forests and streams
  • Private, cozy tent-cabins for your comfort
  • Swimming and fishing in the Tuolumne River
  • Warm days and cool nights
  • Rates include three family-style meals daily in our beautiful Dining Hall
  • Nearby attractions include Yosemite National Park, great day hiking trails in Stanislaus National Forest, gold rush towns of Sonora and Columbia, horseback riding, water-skiing, and Mono Lake
  • Daily rates are based on residency and ages

Berkeley Tuolumne Camp has grown from 13 to 76 tent cabins since 1922 and provides families with a comfortable getaway to the woods family camp that features a relaxed and congenial atmosphere.

Supervised activities help keep children happy while parents get a well-deserved rest or time to participate in an activity more to their liking. Parents and kids can choose to balance togetherness with individual adventures in whatever way works for them.

“There’s always something to do, and I approve of all the activities heartily.” “There isn’t anything there I don’t want any of the kids to be doing – unlike at home,” declares a Tuolumne Camper mom.

We invite you and your family to be a part of our future by visiting us this summer and let our staff of over 60 guide you through a fun, unique family vacation experience.

Activities for Everyone

  • Recreation activities include volleyball, basketball, badminton, horseshoes, ping pong, archery, and day/evening hiking
  • Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear Tuolumne River!
  • Great fishing, perfect for anglers of all ages!
  • Arts and Crafts activities include lanyards, tie-dye, beads, painting, Fimo clay, and more!

Visit our Nature Center

  • Staff naturalists
  • Small animals
  • Unique nature activities

Evening Programs 

  • Campfires
  • Bingo
  • Family dances
  • Naturalist talks
  • Sweat lodge
  • Staff show

Special Programs for Kids

“Kiddie Kamp” (ages 2-5)–Take a break, moms and dads! Every day there are 3 sessions throughout the day with supervised, safe, and fun activities. Kiddie Kampers do not need to be potty trained, but if they’re not parents need to be available to change diapers.

Children’s Hour (ages 6-12)–Talented, creative staff lead fun-filled activities like arts and crafts, sports tournaments, music, archery, and more. Preteen and Teen activities as well!

Tuolumne Camp offers groups, families, and individuals a variety of outdoor or camp-related opportunities during our extended summer season. Please call (510) 981-5140 for a brochure or to talk to the camp manager about events at camp!


At camp, you will sleep comfortably in tent-cabins complete with beds, dressers, private deck, and view! (Sleep under the stars if you wish!) Elevation of camp is 3,500 feet.

  • Upon arrival, choose tents by the river or nestled among the trees
  • Spacious outside decks on all tents
  • Hot showers, clean bathrooms, and coin-operated laundry are conveniently located
  • Rocking chairs for families with infants
  • Tents vary in size, and will accommodate both small and large families


Bountiful, all you can eat healthy meals are served three times a day in a family-style dining room. Every meal includes a vegetarian option, as well as fantastic desserts! The ice cream sundae bar and fresh baked goodies are camp traditions!

  • Outdoor BBQ by our beautiful river
  • Sunday candlelight dinners
  • Fresh salads, fruits, and vegetables at every meal
  • Special diet recommendations
  • Excellent coffee and tea all day
  • Assigned seating with your friends

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up? I am a Berkeley Resident.

Contact us at the City of Berkeley’s Camps Office at (510) 981-5140 to be added to the mailing list. Registration starts in November on a first-come first-serve basis. Be sure to include a copy of your current PG&E Bill or Driver’s License as Proof of Residency. Call for details.

How can I sign up? I am a Non- Resident.

Contact us at the City of Berkeley’s Camps Office at (510) 981-5140 to be added to the mailing list. Registration starts late November on a first-come first-serve basis.

How can I become a Friend of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp?

The Friends of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp (FOBTC) is an organization that helps raise funds for camp improvements and camp educational programs. You can download an application at our website Memberships are good for 1 year from date of application.

Is camp wheelchair accessible?

Somewhat. Some paths are a bit rough. Some cabins are wheelchair accessible. We also have a city run program for families with disabled member(s) called “Inclusion Family Camp.” Please call Patty Thomas at 510-981-5148 for details.

When can campers check-in and checkout?

Please check your reservation well before you arrive at camp. Make sure your meals times & dates are correct. Also, be sure your reservation states your correct lodging assignment. Your reservation is based on your arrival and departure meals. PLEASE SEE THE CAMP BROCHURE for reservation details, rate schedule and conditions regarding extra charges for changes and cancellations. Please plan your arrival and departure times for daylight hours. All cabins are first-come, first-serve. Check-In and Check-Out Time: Lunch: 11am, Dinner: 3pm.

What should I bring to camp?

SUGGESTED ITEMS TO BRING: Sleeping bag or blankets, bug repellent, pillows, propane or battery-operated lanterns, flashlights, towels, soap, toilet articles, casual clothes, swim apparel, (air mattresses, floats or inner tubes for water activities), sturdy shoes and warm clothing for evenings. Not necessary, but helpful are wire clothes hangers, ping pong, badminton equipment, folding chairs or heavy towels for beach area. Camp staff will carry your luggage from car to tent.

Can I use a cell phone, access the internet, and receive faxes at camp?

There is NO cellular service at camp. We have two pay phones located on the campgrounds (209) 962-8924 or (209) 962-8923 that take calling cards only. Internet access is available in Groveland at the library or at the Evergreen Lodge in the restaurant. Faxes can be received in the office at the charge of $1 a page.

What are the restrictions?

Please, No biking on campgrounds. Campers are not allowed to bring: Pets, Guns, Fire Arms, Candles, Kerosene Lanterns, White Gas OR Mosquito Coils!!! Rest Period is every day after Lunch (1:15pm – 2:30pm). QUIET HOUR: Please try to arrive at camp before or after Rest Period, which begins at 1:15pm and is over at 2:30pm. Please also respect the “Quiet Time” from 10:15pm until 7:45am. During Rest Period our maintenance staff will be busy cleaning the bathrooms and watering down the grounds. We will NOT be able to move your family in or out of your tent cabin during this time period.

Can I bring a stove?

No, but there are small butane stoves that the kitchen can give you in order to cook your caught fish.

What kinds of meal services are offered at camp?

Meals are served family style by servers. Each family has reserved seats in our Dining-Hall. Prior to entering the Dining-Hall, please check the seating chart for your family’s last name and table number. Campers can also make “requests” to sit with their friends and families. The approximate meal times are, Breakfast 8:30am, Lunch 12:30pm, and Dinner 6:30pm. There are 3 bells that ring for each meal: 1st bell is a 45-minute notice (staff usually eat at this time), 2nd bell is a 15-minute notice and the 3rd bell means “its time to eat”. You don’t have to rush into the Dining-Hall, as your table will have a bountiful banquet waiting. The only buffet meal at camp is the Saturday BBQ lunch. Vegetarian options are served with every meal. If you plan to be out of camp during the day, sign up for a bag lunch by 5 p.m. the day before. Limit of 50 campers per day on a first-come basis. On the morning of your out-of-camp trip, please come by the Dining Hall around 9:45am to prepare your bag lunch. If any member of your family has food allergies, please make note of this on your reservation application under “Special Requests”. Please also call the camp kitchen and talk to our camp chef at (209) 962-7081 about a week prior to your arrival. We can “special order” some items, but you may have to bring personal food items with you that can be stored in the kitchen fridge.

Can I smoke in camp?

There is no smoking in camp. Smoking is only allowed in the Sun City and the Main parking lots.

Is there fishing at camp?

Fishing in the South Fork of the Tuolumne River, which flows right through camp is recommended for CHILDREN ONLY. Excellent early season fishing for adults is just outside of camp. A California Fishing License is required for persons 16 years of age or older. Store your catch in our freezer and please, catch only what you can eat. Fishing licenses and supplies can be purchased at NACO (1 mile from camp).

Do "Kiddie Kampers" need to be potty trained?

No, but parents must be available to change diapers if needed.

What if my question is not here?

Please call the Camps office if your question is not here and you would like more information about our Family Camp or any other city camping programs we provide. (510) 981 – 5140.

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