2021 – a great year ahead

Hi friends… we hope this finds you safe and healthy in this pandemic,
and at the start of this new year!

We have high hopes for the year ahead.. and here at FOBTC, it is really the next 18 months we’re focused on.
With Camp still on schedule to open June 2022, there is an immense amount of work to be done
over the next year and a half!

We have committees doing detailed work on Nature Restoration and Stewardship, Trail Rebuilding, Camp Traditions and Spirit, Rebuilding projects like shade structures, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

All these projects are being led with the goal of having Camp feel like the Camp we left 8 years ago; bringing back the forest environment with tall trees, planting thousands of 1 ft. pluggers, 2nd story plants like dogwoods, ground cover, etc; providing comfortable sitting and playing areas with shade structures; seeing the art and decor that was at camp, having staff mentored with traditions and activities, and supported so that that first summer is not so overwhelming for new staff; and doing outreach to introduce camp to new staff and campers, from various neighborhoods of Berkeley, and welcoming them with an inclusive environment..

We thought we’d show off recent photos taken on the progress of the rebuilding of camp! It is going really well. We can see Camp sprouting up from the ground and being reborn in front of our very eyes..

The new Staff Cabins across the road:

The new Recreation Hall down by the river:

There is a lot of work to get done before June 2022, but we couldn’t be any more excited to be doing it!

Scott Gelfand
Executive Director
Friends of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp

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    • Scott Gelfand
      Scott Gelfand says:

      Hi Nancy – thanks for your comment and enthusiasm! It’s a long ways away (Jan 2022) and I know we have SO MUCH to accomplish,
      but we’re assuming the City is will do a similar type of reservation system that begins with Berkeley residents and then opens up for all non-residents after that, probably somewhere around the beginning of Jan 2022.. that assumes that the building of camp stays on track of course.. We’ll be posting info here and in our emails, and on our facebook page, just to keep everyone informed and involved. Thanks again! Scott Gelfand

    • Scott Gelfand
      Scott Gelfand says:

      Hi Nancy – the City of Berkeley usually begins the reservations processes in January. I would check their city website for the updates when it gets closer.. Look forward to being at Camp together!


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