Friends Labor Day Weekend!!! August 30th – Sept 2nd

It’s a 40 year tradition – the Friends Weekend!

Friday August 30th – Monday Sept 2nd! 4 days and 3 beautiful nights.

Great food, fun, wine, traditions and community as we come together at Camp

with 4 former Activities Directors running camp! Happy Hour every night,

and all your favorite daily activities, plus some evening activities

that are ONLY at Friends weekend, the famous Pub Trivia Night hosted by Steve Geahry!!


Registration Details are here.

The last 3 years have sold out – reserve your tent today!

Kick-off to Camp Happy Hour! April 27th 6pm Urban Legend Winery in Alameda

Join Friends, Campers and Staff as we celebrate that Camp Tuolumne is back in our lives, and we have so much to be thankful for!

Music, dinner from Banderas Latin Kitchen, and excellent wine from Urban Legend, and all of our camper community to celebrate the summer ahead!

This event is outside, under the stars and on the waterfront, with views of SF Bay!

Lets raise The Tuolumne Spirit and raise funds for transforming Lower Beach into a space with new badminton courts!

As we enter year 3 of the New Era of Camp – there’s so much great news about the direction we’re headed into, as well as lots to do to enhance the experience at camp.

August 25th – 10 years since The Rim Fire!

Aug 25th, 2013  Today is the 10 year anniversary of The Rim Fire burning down Camp Tuolumne
10 years ago today, our beloved Tuolumne was burned to the ground.. but together with the City of Berkeley,
and all of your passion and commitment, we all made a difference to bring back our special camp by the river..
There’s still a LOT of work to do, and we’re ON it! But lets celebrate how far we’ve all come today,
and appreciate the long journey we’ve shared together.
Well done everyone! Ring that Bell and run around the D-Hall to applause.. centuries of future Tuolumne Rangers
will be very grateful for the efforts we are all doing!

Order Your Family Plaque for Summer 2023!

We are excited to be able to honor families and loved ones with very special plaques in just a few places at Camp – in the Dining Hall with a Donor Tree, on a Green Chair, and on the Fireplace!

All the proceeds from all the contributions go towards FOBTC’s programs and support of Camp – diversity, equity and inclusion programs, nature restoration including our trails, and planting trees around camp, bringing back Camp art and artifacts and traditions, and rebuilding what Camp needs.

Here’s our FOBTC Plaque Commitment Form.

You can print it out and fill it in and email to let her know you are ordering a plaque so we can get it made for you.

Friends Labor Day Weekend!!! Sept 1 – 4th!

Hey Friends and Campers and Staff!!

We’re so excited to be able to do our yearly amazing 4 day, 3 night camp weekend over Labor Day!!

We plan this out with 4 former Recreation Directors at Camp – so it is packed with every activity and tradition you could possibly want – as well as some really fun new twists (Pub trivia night was a HUGE success last year!)

Cocktails and appetizers on the Island every night, and the end of summer vacation is as relaxing as it gets!

Join us! Register today!



Camp Architects win Design Award!

Congratulations to Siegel & Strain Architects – Camp Tuolumne’s amazing design team!

The were the Citation Award Winner in AIAEB Designs Large Project category!

“Design of the facilities focused on inclusion of all abilities in the experience of living outdoors in close contact with nature. Gathering spaces were inspired by the traditions and rituals of the camp community and woven throughout the site and path system; amplifying opportunities to experience the rich and varied landscape. Completed in time to celebrate Berkeley Tuolumne Camp’s centennial, the design team accomplished the rebuild with the next century in mind, ensuring that the legacy of summer camp lives on for future Berkeley residents.”

#aiaebdesignawards #architecture

Summer 2023! Camp is hiring, and registration opens in February

Hi Campers, staff and friends! It’s Feb 2023, and we turn our attention already to making our Summer Plans for Camp! The City has some new programs and plans for 2023, so check out their website for all their latest information. To register for Camp, you need to go onto their Registration Portal and sign in or make a free account. Registration rolls out in phases…

February 2, 9am: Registration opens for scholarship recipients

February 9, 9am: Berkeley resident registration opens for week-long sessions (includes Family Camp, Youth Camp, Leader-in-Training, and Counselor-in-Training)

February 13, 9am: Berkeley resident registration opens for all overnight camp sessions

February 17, 9am: Registration opens for non-residents

Work Weekend is Memorial Day Weekend in May (27th and 28th) and FOBTC Labor Weekend is in the plans. We look forward to a GREAT summer ahead together!

Berkeley Camps are Hiring

Camp is where you will meet amazing friends, enjoy the outdoors, learn job skills, and create lifelong memories while positively impacting the lives of both children and adults. We are now accepting applications for the summer of 2023.

Don’t wait. Apply Today!  You will find the application for both Berkeley Echo Lake Camp and Berkeley Tuolumne Camp on our Seasonal Recreation Jobs Page.

Send completed applications to 

The Party of The Century! Sat Oct 15th 7:30pm Berkeley

Camp Tuolumne celebrates its 100th Birthday, and we are inviting everyone to come celebrate!

A Gala to remember – how many 100 yr old birthdays do you get to enjoy? (answer: as many as possible!)

Click HERE for Tickets and information!

Saturday Oct 15th 7:30pm – 10:30pm  University Club at UC Cal with breathtaking views of the Bay Area

all proceeds will benefit Nature Stewardship at Camp!

Camp Tuolumne Officially Reopens!

Camp is Officially Open!

Congratulations to all of you – who have held Tuolumne ‘s rebirth in your heart! It is alive and well and the Tuolumne Spirit is once again burning brightly by the south fork of The Tuolumne River!

We thought to recap this amazing month for Camp – from the historical ribbon cutting ceremony to work weekend (during the week!), to the first day of Camp!

It was a lot to get open, and there is still a lot to get done, but the first campers back had a fabulous time reuniting with their favorite spot… the reviews so far have been “thrilled”, “awe-struck by the beauty”, “it’s hot but I am so grateful for all the shade!”, still in “shock to be back” and “hearing the Tuolumne Rangers get announced – I was in tears”, and of course, being at a Staff Show, Table Night etc.. so many highlights!


June 3rd KTVU News:

KTVU Channel 2 interviews FOBTC on the 4pm news about the reopening of Camp Tuolumne!

Watch it HERE.


June 4th Ribbon Cutting:

The City of Berkeley hosted this marvelous celebration for key stakeholders, dignitaries, City staff, US Forest Service, construction teams, and of course, Campers and FOBTC Friends.  We were honored to speak, and the day was filled with appreciation and applause for City Staff!

The City did an amazing job rebuilding Camp!  250 people came and walked through camp, had lunch in the D-Hall, and applauded every speech at the ribbon-cutting! An inspiring day!


June 22nd Work Weekend (day and a half!):

A very hearty group of 80 plus campers signed up for Work Week – a Wed lunch thru Fri breakfast frenzy of projects to get Camp open.  There was a huge push to build 50 green chairs by FOBTC, and create a green circle of chairs! Led by long time Board member Richard Sheng, they remarkably built 50 chairs in a day and a half! Amazing! We were able to paint 15 of them and create the first circle of green chairs! More to come! This also meant we had to wait to put our plaques on the chairs, as well as the Donor Tree and the Fireplace Plaque.  But we are planning on doing that this summer!

June 27th Camp Officially Opens:

The day broke on Monday June 27th and for the first time, campers walked into Camp to go to the new office and reserve their tent. It was magical. Of course the first few people were families who have been coming to camp for over 60 years! One was a family of 6 who all were wearing a Camp shirt from different years! (so cute). There were also lots of NEW families, excited to try the legendary Tuolumne Camp.











Other updates we’re excited to share:


Small Falls Trail is COMPLETE!!! Wow – what a lift by our Trails Team of Phil, Matt, Adrian, and Janet! They did an amazing job getting us talented Trail Builders to help make Small Falls trail accessible and safe and ready for campers! It is done!









Fire Road above Camp that connects to the Sugar Pine Trail is cleared! Hikers love going up thru here and down around to camp. This is also a key defensible space for fire trucks if we ever need them. Next job is the Sugar Pine Trail – which has been flagged, but needs a lot of work to use. We’re on it!

Red Rock Trail has been cleared as well! This is from the Archery Range area up to HWY 120.

It will need tending to, but the US Forest Service has cleared all the major downed logs!

Cobble Beach: This key trail needs a fair amount of USFS help, and is not accessible or safe this summer. Trees have not been cleared for safety and some could be dangerous (could fall) – this area needs a mortality survey, and clearing for safety process and that won’t happen until next year we assume.


FOBTC Gift Bags:

FOBTC is excited to give every Camp Family one gift bag when they check in! It is our way of saying “Welcome to Camp!” It includes a beautiful Centennial Mug, a shopping Tote that you can use for tie dyeing, and some cool stickers to remember camp by!  The City also has an orientation/information packet and an updated Song Book for you as well!

Staff Appreciation Dinner:

For over 40 years, there has been an end of summer Staff Appreciation Dinner to give the staff a chance to dress up and go out on the town! They LOVE this night! Please help us send them to a night they won’t forget and say thanks for all their efforts to bring us a great summertime!

You can contribute by clicking HERE.


Table Night, Theme Days and the Staff Show!

You can look forward to all of these great traditions, and all the songs, and all the Tuolumne Camp Spirit this summer! The staff show, written by Scott and Steve for the past 35 years, is called “Finding Tuolumne.. the Journey Back Home.” The staff are awesome and you have great talent to enjoy! (hint: we find Little Nemo and his Dad Marlin have been living at beautiful Echo Lake for the past 8 yrs.. after leaving Beaverhead Rock. Nemo overhears Camp is reopening for the Centennial Celebration (100 yrs!) and MUST go! With Marlin right behind him, and Dory joining up, they all must travel through the dangerous California River systems to get back to Camp…) Bring your tissues, and your camp sense of humor!


Friends Labor Day Weekend! Fri Sept 2nd – Monday 5th

We are getting quite full but there is still room to get a tent! We are planning an epic Friends Weekend back after 9 years – filled with everything a Tuolumne Camper loves, and more.

Click Here to join us and have an end of summer 3 day weekend!

Happy Summertime!


There’s No Place Like Camp Tuolumne!


Scotty, Kara and the Board of FOBTC