Moving Forward on Special Use Permit and Environmental Reviews


Update from The City of Berkeley Council Meeting last Tuesday night!

Tuesday night was an important night at the City’s Council Meeting. On the Consent Calendar was the Park and Recreation’s staff request for Approval by the Council for the next steps in the rebuilding process for Camp – the ability to apply for the Special Use Permit with the National Forest Service, and expenditure of money for the state and federal required environmental review process which follows.

FOBTC sent a formal letter ahead of time to every Council Member supporting this, and we attended the meeting. Board Member Richard Thomason, a 22 year Berkeley resident, spoke in person reiterating our appreciation of the City and Council’s efforts to rebuild camp at Harden Flat, and of FOBTC’s continued supportive role in this process.

The action was approved with no dissent or discussion. 🙂

GREAT news. Next week the City staff meet with the Supervisor of the Stanislaus National Forest to move the process forward.

We will continue to monitor and update campers and staff as to the progress of the rebuilding. We will hold more meetings and information nights when needed.

Until then  – we celebrate that things are on track, and lets roast some marshmallows this Sunday!


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