May 2019: The Future of Camp Tuolumne

The Future of Camp Tuolumne

A historic evening to celebrate the rebirth of Camp Tuolumne was held at The Berkeley Repertory Theater on May 13th, as the Friends hosted “The Future of Camp Tuolumne!”

Mayor Jesse Arreguin, the City Council, City Staff, Capital Improvement Program Manager Liza McNulty, and the design team of Siegel and Strain were there to support the rebuilding of Camp Tuolumne and show campers the new design of Camp. For the first time, we saw what we’ll be returning to in the summer of 2022… it was magnificent!

Their words of support and the design of Camp were greeted with enthusiastic applause, and oohs and ahhs from the camper audience! The “Tuolumne Spirit” was as strong as ever, with a full house of campers all committing to help rebuild camp with whatever is needed to get Camp back the way we want it. The City showed what insurance and FEMA will pay for and what they will not cover. Their presentation can be found here.

The FOBTC Board showed the gap that will be missing once Camp returns – the loss of almost 6,000 trees! The biggest difference will be in main camp, and will make that area very exposed to the sun to be in. Insurance and FEMA will help re-seed the area, but we’ll need taller, more mature trees, and engineered shade structures to bring back a comfortable shaded main camp, and the green of the forest!

This is where the Friends believe we can make the biggest difference – and how we can help the future of Camp to be successful.  We want to return to a forest and to a comfortable Camp. We are raising funds to help this piece that will not be funded by insurance.

Our Rebuilding CAMPaign goal is to raise $1 million dollars by October 31, 2019. As of today, we have raised $449,000! So, we’re off to a great start!

Updates in Other Cities

On Saturday, May 18th, we took the show on the road to our Southern California campers in Los Angeles. Longtime campers Glenn Berkovitz and Jane Paul hosted a fabulous house party and over 30 campers showed that the love for Camp stretches way beyond the Bay Area!

In July, we’re hoping to go to San Diego and Portland! Please let us know if you live in those areas and could come to a local update!

Help Rebuild Camp Tuolumne!

What YOU can do to help:

*Discuss a contribution to the Rebuilding CAMPaign with Scott or Marcie

*Meet us for tea/coffee/beer to stay engaged and updated

*Host a gathering with your camper family and friends

*Volunteer with FOBTC

*Attend events this summer: Annual Campfire (Aug 25th), Friends Weekend (Aug 30th), Fall Gala (Sept 19th)


Please contact us with questions or for more information about the rebuilding of Camp Tuolumne. Together, we can rebuild the Camp we love.

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