Sept 2019: Together, WE are making history

A special note from the Executive Director, Scott Gelfand

In the 34 years that I’ve been involved with Camp Tuolumne, this summer stands out as a special and historical moment in time.

Over the last few months, Marcie and I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting hundreds of Tuolumne campers, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, from San Diego to Portland. We have had coffees and dinner parties almost every week and weekend from June through August. It’s been a true honor to do this work and I’ve learned so much.

I’ve learned every camper has an amazing family story to share. From their own unique family traditions to miraculous summer experiences, Camp is THEIR home. It’s their sacred spot every summer to soak in the best of themselves and their loved ones. As we shared the reconstruction updates and talked about Camp, the sadness of their loss would come flowing back. In the same breath sometimes, campers would both rejoice and also cry. “It’s real – Camp is really coming back!” we’d hear, and for maybe the first time, that reality would truly sink in.

Yes, Camp is coming back! And this summer will go down in history as the summer that WE, a community of campers, committed to help bring it back to life.

In 3 years, when we are sitting at the green chair circle, reading our books and chatting with friends under some lovely shade and looking out at campers playing, we will talk about the summer of 2019. We will see the names of families whose leadership brought shade to Camp and helped to restore the forest.

In 20 years, when our kids have been on staff, and maybe our grandkids are jumping off of Beaverhead Rock, we will remember the people who worked together to ensure that Camp continued to bring joy to future generations. That is ALL OF US. We all can feel that gratitude for being a part of this moment, of making a difference and helping to create that future.

This is truly our moment in Camp’s history to restore our sacred place. Please join this incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity to help rebuild Camp Tuolumne. I ask you to keep participating in the Rebuilding Campaign before our deadline of October 31. Attend our eventsgive generously and ask others to join you!

Together, we are the Tuolumne Spirit. Together, we are making history.

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