U.S. Forest Service enlists help of public – planting 90K trees

Announcements, announcements…..

Campers – do you want to help plant trees in the Rim Fire area??

Here are the first meetings about helping the Forest Service to replant the area.


Sonora, Calif., (Dec. 31, 2015)…The U.S. Forest Service is enlisting the help of all available stakeholders, members of the public to help plant 90K trees this spring in the Rim Fire burn area.

In partnership with Tuolumne River Trust, the Stanislaus National Forest is hosting public meetings in January to inform and recruit volunteers for tree planting days scheduled to take place seven days per week throughout the spring.

Meeting dates and locations are as follows:
Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor’s Office, 19777 Greenley Road, Sonora, CA:
·         January 14, 6pm in the Stanislaus Room;
·         January 16, 3pm in the Stanislaus Room; and
·         January 23, 3pm in the Stanislaus Room

Groveland Community Hall, 1918 Main Street, Groveland, CA:
·         January 21, 7pm in the main hall (after the GAP meeting).

The Rim Fire of 2013 burned over 257,000 acres on the Stanislaus National Forest. Forest scientists/specialists estimate that without reforestation it is highly unlikely the forest, as we know it, would grow back in our lifetimes.

Anyone interested in helping to reforest the area is invited – Individuals, groups, families – all are welcome.

For more information, please call: the Stanislaus National Forest at 209-532-3671 or the Tuolumne River Trust at 949-533-2346.

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